Ankle arthroscopy

event 25.04.2023.

You suffered a severe ankle injury and need surgery? At Aksis Special Hospital, we perform ankle arthroscopy – a surgical procedure with a quick recovery.

If your ankle is weak and ligamentously unstable, our surgical solution is arthroscopic reconstruction (stabilization) of the ankle – a procedure done arthroscopically with two or four tiny incisions.

Through two small incisions, the ankle joint is examined to determine if there is any damage inside. Ligaments are reconstructed through the other two incisions. Arthroscopically, i.e. looking within the joint, we install suture anchors in the outer ankle bone (fibula), to where the ligament was torn. These anchors are used to return the damaged ligament to its place. Through the other two small incisions, we pull the threads of these anchors through the ligament and tighten and secure them.

We put the ankle in its physiological position. At Aksis Special Hospital, we prefer functional immobilization rather than traditional immobilization with a cast. Our patients get an orthosis, with which they can put their full body weight on the ankle within 7-10 days, and in 3-4 weeks (depending on the type and severity of the injury) they gradually return to movement.

This is followed by physical therapy, which is crucial in order for the sprain or partial/total rupture to heal as quickly as possible. It is a much more active type of rehabilitation, thanks to which you will soon return to fast walking and light jogging, all with the protection of an orthosis.

This orthosis will become obsolete once the ligaments heal completely. A return to full activity is usually expected three months after ankle arthroscopy.