Arthroscopic knee surgery – cartilage cleaning and meniscus removal

event 28.08.2017.

Knee pain, swelling, a feeling of instability, reduced mobility – these are all signs that indicate that you should visit an orthopedic doctor. If the problem cannot be solved conservatively (physical therapy), arthroscopy of the knee joint will follow.

After surgery, it is important to start with physical therapy in order to return to your daily or sports activities as soon as possible. Physical therapy procedures affect:

  • reduction of pain and swelling
  • return of joint mobility
  • return of muscle strength
  • development of proprioception and joint stability.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy includes electrotherapy, magnetotherapy, laser and ultrasound therapy, microkinesitherapy, and muscle stimulation, which accelerates healing and reduces swelling and pain, and strengthens the muscles. In the rehabilitation process, the most important thing is kinesitherapy (movement therapy), which the patient carries out independently at home, and with which we influence the return to normal life activities as well as sports. After the aforementioned arthroscopic operations, a cycle of physical therapy lasting ten days is usually sufficient. Exercising starts already on the first day after surgery. There are exercises to strengthen the muscles and increase the range of motion, as well as stabilization. Every day, the exercises are intensified and riding an exercise bike, exercises on unstable surfaces (so-called proprioception) are introduced.

Full recovery and return to daily activities is expected in ten days, and to sports after a few weeks.