Partial (Unicompartmental) Knee Replacement

event 28.08.2017.

Used in cases where only one part of the knee is damaged, most often the inner and less often the outer part of the knee or the patellofemoral joint. The prefix “uni” means that only part of the damaged knee joint is replaced.

A partial knee endoprosthesis is installed through an even smaller incision than a total knee replacement, while the installation procedure is less invasive. As a result, the recovery is faster, the stay in the hospital is even shorter and the return to normal activities is faster than with a total endoprosthesis.

However, with a partial knee joint replacement, a certain risk is represented by the “permanence” of the prosthesis. Namely, world statistics indicate that the life of the implant is about 10 years, although some of our patients are already well into the 13th or 14th year of follow-up with very good results.

Most of our patients successfully solved the problem of pain with these procedures, they improved their knee mobility and returned to their normal daily activities.