event 24.03.2020.


We’re sure most of you know that AKSIS Special Hospital is one of the pioneers of eBusiness in healthcare. We are always happy to meet patients and respond to all messages from various parts of our region and the world, trying to make it easier for patients not to travel to us in painful condition unless absolutely necessary. ✅

This way of doing business comes to the fore even more in the times we live in today – the pandemic, restricted movement, concern for the health of all of us.

Therefore, we invite you to contact us freely in any of our departments. We can analyze a certain number of patients and cases online, which of course depends on patient cooperation, availability of medical documentation, clinical picture, diagnosis, etc.

Department of Neurosurgery (Dr. Saftić and Dr. Houra)
☎️ 01/3877-413

Department of Orthopedics (Dr. Radić)
☎️ 01/3877-890

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