Active English retiree successfully treated in Croatia – Endoscopic Rhizotomy

event 15.01.2023.

Mr. J.G.R. (74) contacted us through our partners – Croatia Medical Travel and Mr. Marinov – just two months ago.

The patient was looking for a less invasive treatment for his low-back pain syndrome caused by severe degeneration of the spine at the L1-S1 level. This degeneration can be seen in X-ray and MRI images below:

After extensive consultation with our spinal neurosurgeon Robert Saftić, MD, and a patient coordinator, Mr. J.G.R. has decided to come to Croatia for a minimally invasive treatment called dorsal endoscopic rhizotomy, pioneered and invented by Anthony Yeung (USA).

The patient arrived in Croatia accompanied by his wife on 1 January 2012. Our patient coordinator has spent time with the patient and his wife, guiding them through Zagreb and helping them in preparation for the surgery. The surgery was scheduled for 3 January 2012 at our very own Vertebris International Spine Hospital.

Fingers crossed for a good recovery and a successful final outcome!

10-day follow-up letter from Mr. J.G.R.:

In England, we have a saying: LIFE BEGINS AT 40.  This has now been amended to LIFE BEGINS WITH DR. SAFTIĆ.

Many thanks to the entire team.