Assoc. Prof. Karlo Houra –⁠ invited speaker and tutor at the international anatomy course on endoscopic spine surgery

event 24.09.2021.

About 10 days ago, another international anatomy course on endoscopic spine surgery took place in Essen (Germany), organized by MaxMoreSpine.

Our neurosurgeon, Assoc. Prof. Karlo Houra, MD, PhD participated as one of the course leaders, invited speaker and tutor.

Back in 2008, when we started with endoscopic spine surgeries, Croatia was one of just three countries in Europe to apply this innovative, advanced, and safe surgical technique.

Today, thanks to our efforts in training colleagues at courses like this one in Essen, endoscopic spine surgery is increasingly available to patients around the world.

Aksis Special Hospital and MaxMoreSpine have been cooperating for many years in the promotion of minimally invasive endoscopic spine surgeries and the training of physicians around the world. A curiosity that we are proud of is certainly the fact that the founder of this company is also one of the pioneers of the endoscopic approach to spine surgery –⁠ the late Dr. Thomas Hoogland.

Our neurosurgeons Dr. Houra and Dr. Saftić not only have the most experience in endoscopic spine surgery in Croatia and this part of Europe, but also, thanks to their enviable level of skill and knowledge, they lead courses all over the world and teach others about these advanced and innovative minimally invasive techniques.

The participants of this from Saudi Arabia, Germany, Italy, Spain, Jordan, Iraq, the United Kingdom and Greece participated in this course in Essen.

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