Bodybuilding after spinal surgery – Yes, it is possible!

event 15.01.2023.

A few days ago, a UK-based bodybuilder and businessperson sent us a follow-up letter describing his current condition.

Just a couple of days after the surgery, the patient flew overseas for business very happy with the outcome of his surgery. Today, three months later, he is back to all his daily activities, including a very busy lifestyle and sport (bodybuilding). Here is a part of his letter three months post-surgery:

Firstly, I just wanted to say thank you for the exceptional service, treatment & aftercare offered by spinal surgery in Croatia. Exceptional is too weak a word for explaining how impressed I was with the whole process. I felt spoilt & after all the attention I did not want to go home LOL!!!! The NHS & even my own private health care would need to make significant improvements to even come close. 

S.B. from England

S.B. during competition

Day after surgery (from left to right): Robert Saftić, MD; the patient; Nikola Periša, MD