Endoscopic spine neurosurgery

event 22.09.2021.

Neurosurgeons at AKSIS Special Hospital have been performing minimally invasive endoscopic spine surgery under local anesthesia in their daily practice for many years.

It was our neurosurgeons who introduced the mentioned method and approach to the Republic of Croatia and this part of Europe and, by selflessly sharing their knowledge, helped spread this advanced technique to other hospitals and countries.

Advantages of endoscopic neurosurgery at AKSIS Special Hospital:

✅ more than 3000 performed surgeries
✅ the most experienced neurosurgeons
✅ no hospital stay
✅ 13 years of experience
✅ local anesthesia
✅ quick recovery
✅ no scarring

Contact us with confidence! Our neurosurgeons Dr. Karlo Houra and Dr. Robert Saftić will be happy to analyze your medical documentation and assess whether you are a candidate for endoscopic spine surgery.

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