New international achievements of AKSIS Special Hospital neurosurgical team – Assoc. Prof. Karlo Houra invited speaker at 2 major global congresses on endoscopic spine surgery

event 21.09.2021.

It is our great honor, pleasure, and pride to inform you that our neurosurgeon, Assoc. Prof. Karlo Houra, MD, PhD, has been representing our hospital, Croatian medicine, and the Republic of Croatia in the past few days at two prestigious international congresses.

🇪🇸 On Thursday, September 16, 2021, at the invitation of Dr. Rubén Martín Láez, head of the Department of Neurosurgery at the University Hospital in Santander and scientific coordinator of the congress of the Spanish Neurosurgery Society, alongside renowned Spanish neurosurgeons and orthopedists in the field of minimally invasive spine surgery, Prof. Karlo Houra gave a lecture entitled “Endoscopic discectomy – developing a new gold standard for disc herniation”. The Congress was held under the high patronage of the King and Queen of Spain. The invitation to this congress is a continuation of the long-standing successful international cooperation between AKSIS Special Hospital and the Spanish colleagues who have already attended Prof. Karlo Houra’s endoscopy courses in Mainz and Essen. Permanent cooperation has also been established, so that in the near future we expect the arrival of more doctors from Spain who want to learn about endoscopic spine neurosurgery from the leading experts in Europe – Prof. Karlo Houra and Dr. Robert Saftić.

🇪🇬 🇮🇳 On Saturday, September 18, 2021, the second major international congress on endoscopic spine surgery was held in the organization of Egyptian and World Societies of Neurological Surgeons and Spine Foundation India. The congress was attended by expert lecturers from 27 countries, and more than 1,100 participants from all over the world followed the program. Prof. Karlo Houra was invited as a guest lecturer representing AKSIS Special Hospital to share our experience and work under the title “Transforaminal endoscopic thoracic discectomy of the herniated disc”. With his interesting and innovative lecture, he encouraged a great and constructive professional discussion, given that transforaminal endoscopic surgery of the thoracic spine is performed in just a few countries in the world, and this fact ranks AKSIS Special Hospital at the very top of global spinal medicine.

Let us remind you that AKSIS Special Hospital was the first hospital in Croatia to start using minimally invasive and endoscopic spine neurosurgery, back in 2009. We remain the only hospital in the country, and one of the few hospitals in the wider region, to apply complete endoscopic spine surgeries in daily practice, especially those with a gentle transforaminal approach. Thanks to their excellence, constant progress and innovation, our neurosurgeons Prof. Karlo Houra and Dr. Robert Saftić are certified instructors of the company MaxMoreSpine (Hoogland Spine Products) for endoscopic spine neurosurgery, helping doctors all over the world learn and understand these advanced surgical techniques.

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