Notice about annual leave

event 21.12.2021.

Dear patients:

We take this opportunity to inform you that the period of taking annual leave is ahead of us, from 28 December 2021 to 3 January 2022, which will be our first day back in the New Year. However, during the next week, the previously scheduled outpatient clinics at the Department of Orthopedics will be held regularly.

We will be available for you for basic inquiries and appointments for examinations, therapy, and surgery, even during annual leave:

➡ Department of Neurosurgery 📧
01/3877-413 (11-15 h) ☎️

➡ Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation 📧
01/3877-488 (11-15 h) ☎️

➡ Department of Orthopedics 📧
01/3877-890 ☎️

Till our return, take care of your spine and other joints.

Your AKSIS Special Hospital 🏥