Patient from London successfully treated in Croatia – Laser Spine Surgery

event 08.01.2023.

Four weeks ago, Mr. Ashley Heller from London contacted us through our international patient center with an inquiry about a possible laser application for his herniated and degenerated L5-S1 disc.

After our detailed reply with basic information about his condition, a second neurosurgical opinion, and available dates. Mr. Heller decided to come in for surgery – immediately! The reasons for this were our minimally invasive approach and our competitive prices. In the United Kingdom, spinal surgeons offered Mr. Heller microdiscectomy, but considering the nature of his job, he needed to be fit in 3-4 weeks.

On Friday, October 15th, Mr. Heller was about to land in Croatia. We waited for him, picked him up, and escorted him to our partner, Hotel Antunović (pictured below).

As it was already pretty late, Mr. Heller was instructed to eat something light and rest until the next morning, when he had a pre-operative checkup and laser spine surgery (Percutaneous Laser Disc Decompression) with Dr. Robert Saftić at Vertebris.

Early in the morning on Saturday, October 16th, our patient adviser and advocate and Mr. Ashley Heller went to the neurosurgical clinic to meet Dr. Robert Saftić and have one more checkup before surgery to ensure PLDD was the right course of action in his case. Dr. Saftić examined him, checked his patient history form and MRI CD, and confirmed that PLDD is indicated. Here is a photo taken at the doctor’s office that day:

Soon after Mr. Heller’s pre-operative checkup, he was ready for surgery! After changing his clothes and cleansing his skin, he was placed on the operating table.


While the staff was preparing Mr. Heller for surgery, Dr. Saftić was busy with the numbers on the PLDD device in order to achieve the best outcome and decompression, which naturally led to the success of this surgery.


Soon after, everything was ready for the correct measurement of the needle entrance with a fluoroscopic device. The surgery was about to start any minute now!


Shortly after surgery, the patient was immediately feeling better and had much less pain in his leg.