Spinal Ozone Therapy

event 28.06.2016.

For many people, spine surgery is the only solution to the pain they suffer every day, but fortunately a new method of treatment is emerging as a logical and least invasive option in strictly indicated cases.

Many doctors and researchers are supporting a new non-surgical method of treating spine diseases with ozone.

Ozone therapy was introduced in the 1980s and so far over 20,000 patients have been treated in Europe with a success rate of 75% over a period of 10 years. Following the work and experience of our colleagues abroad, primarily Dr. Burić from Italy, who is known as one of the greatest experts in ozone therapy, we decided to apply this method in Croatia.

Indications and Method of Administration

Herniated disc – under X-ray control, ozone gas is injected into the problematic disc of your spine, thereby reducing the volume inside the disc (something similar to the PLDD procedure – laser disc decompression). This phenomenon occurs due to the oxidation of proteoglycans (proteins located in the center of the spinal disc. As the volume of the disc decreases, so does the pressure on the nerves that cause pain.

Pain in the lower back – under X-ray control, ozone gas is injected into the paravertebral musculature. A very small amount of ozone (3-5 ml) is infiltrated into strictly defined painful places. The results so far are really excellent.

Advantages of ozone therapy

  • minimally invasive procedure
  • applied on an outpatient basis
  • the intervention is very short
  • the price is much more favorable than spinal surgery
  • the intervention is painless.