Ernest Irha, MSc, MD, prim.

event 03.10.2017.

Ernest Irha, MSc, MD, prim. specialized abroad in the field of the foot and ankle surgery, with special interest in corrections of foot deformities associated with so-called flat feet. Correction of all deformities of the front, middle and rear part of the foot, and post-traumatic deformities.

Reconstructions with preservation of foot function in deformities associated with neurological diseases in adults and children.

Sports injuries of the foot and ankle. Ankle arthroscopy. Ligament reconstruction for ankle instability.

Subspecialty in pediatric orthopedics with extensive experience in conservative and surgical treatment of orthopedic diseases (congenital and acquired deformities) in childhood. Special interests include foot deformities and children with neuromotor disorders (cerebral palsy, Charcot Marie Tooth, etc.). Treatment of secondary deformities, which are the result of an underlying disease, most often on the legs and prevent more functional sitting, standing and walking.

Education and qualifications

  • Member of Polish Foot and Ankle Society (PFAS) and EFAS (European Foot  and Ankle Society)
  • Foot and Ankle A’la Carte, Zagreb, Croatia (2014) lecture: Adult acquired flatfoot – possibilities of surgical treatment
  • Advanced Ankle Instability, Arthroscopy and Sports Injuries Course, Munich, Germany (2013)
  • Polish Foot and Ankle Society Conference, Warsaw, Poland (2013) lectures: Flatfoot Pathogenesis in Children – Treatment Options / EOTTS with HyProCure stent – case presentation and my experience
  • EOTTS Course (HyProCure), instructor, Salzburg, Austria (2012)
  • Sports Foot and Ankle Surgery, University of Warwick, England (2010)
  • Foot and Ankle Course, arthrolab Munich, Germany
  • Forefoot Surgery, Training course Nancy et Bordeaux, France (2009, 2010)
  • Subspecialty in pediatric orthopaedics (2008)
  • Primarius (2003)
  • ESSKA SCHOLARSHIP, University Hospital of Aarhus (foot and ankle) Denmark (2000)
  • MSc degree (1998) University of Zagreb. Master’s thesis: Value of Ultrasonographic Methods in the Diagnosis of Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip.
  • Postgraduate study in orthopaedics (1995)
  • Specialty Board in Orthopaedics (1994)
  • Doctor of Medicine degree (1983), Zagreb University School of Medicine

Work experience

  • Aksis Special Hospital, Zagreb (2017– )
  • Special Orthopaedic Hospital “Dr. Nemec”, Matulji (2006–2017)
  • Children’s Hospital Zagreb, Klaićeva 16, Zagreb (1995–2006)
  • Institute of Orthopaedic Medical Devices (1994–1995)
  • Residency in orthopaedics (1990–1995)
  • General practice and Emergency Room at the Zaprešić Community Health Centre (1984–1990)
  • Internship at General hospital “Sv.Duh” (1984)


  • 7th EFAS International Congress, Vilamoura, Portugal ( 2008 )
  • 8th EFAS International Congress, Geneva, Switzerland ( 2010 )
  • 14th EFAS Instructional Course Vienna, Austria ( 2012 )
  • 9th EFAS International Congress Noordwijk Aan Zee, Netherlands ( 2012 )
  • 15th EFAS Instructional Course Porto, Portugal ( 2013 )
  • 5th International Symposium of Surgical and Biological Treatments in Orthopaedics, Sport Medicine and Distal Extremity Pathologies, Paris, France ( 2014 )
  • 10th EFAS International Congress, Barcelona, Spain ( 2014 )
  • 11th EFAS International Congress, Berlin, Njemačka ( 2016 ) ( oral presentation )
  • 6th Triennial IFFAS  Scientific Meeting, World Congress Foot an Ankle, Lisbon, Portugal  ( E-Poster )

List of published reports and research papers

  • Irha E et al.Lyme arthritis in childhood. Paediatr Croat 1996;40:77-82
  • Vrdoljak J, Irha E.Development and growth of immature hips. Coll.Antropol 1998; 22 (1):107-112
  • Irha E et al.Principles of  treatment children with cerebral palsy. Paediatr Croat 1998; 42: 87-90
  • Vrdoljak J, Irha E. Synovial osteochondromatosis of the sternoclavicular joint. Pediatr Radiol 2000; 30:181-183
  • Irha E et al.Algorithm for establishing the indication for knee arthroscopy in children: a comparison of adolescent and preadolescent children. Knee Surg, Sports Traumatol,Arthrosc 2000; 8:99-103
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  • Irha E et al.Medial synovial plica syndrome of the knee: diagnostic pitfall in adolescent athletes. J Pediatr Orthop B 2003;12:44-48
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