Minimally invasive knee endoprostheses

event 28.08.2017.

If your knee is damaged by fractures, frequent injuries, or arthritis with consequent pain, recurrent swelling, deformity of the lower extremities, and limitation of the range of motion, the most likely solution to your problems is the installation of a partial or total knee endoprosthesis.

With knee endoprosthesis surgery, we solve the problem of pain, correct deformities of the lower extremities, and increase or restore the range of motion of your knee. In this way, we enable the return to everyday normal activities.

The first knee joint replacement operation was performed back in 1968. Since then, the materials used to make implants have been significantly improved, and the design of prostheses increasingly mimics the normal anatomy of the knee. Implants have also been designed to replace only the damaged part of the joint, and the operative techniques are increasingly sparing, which enables not only quick recovery but also longevity of the replaced knee.